Summer 2024 Hair Trends

May 22, 2024 | Dupre's | 0 comments

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With the changing of the seasons, we see a change in the way women cut, color, and style their hair. This year’s summer 2024 hair trends are a nod to the classics and embrace more natural looks. Gone are the vibrant hair colors of years past as we ease into natural, confident, and fabulous looks. We’re breaking down the top hair colors for summer 2024, the most seen haircuts for 2024, and are outlining our top products to keep your hair looking gorgeous and healthy this summer.

Summer 2024 Hair Color Trends

As we step into the sun-drenched days of Summer 2024, there’s a refreshing shift towards embracing natural tones that exude warmth and charm. From the subtle allure of copper browns to the radiant vibrance of golden blondes, each trend embodies a unique blend of sophistication and ease.   These trends not only reflect the beauty of nature but also offer a friendly nod to individuality and self-expression, ensuring that your summer style shines as bright as the sun.

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Beige Brown
Elevate your summer style with Beige Brown, a flawless blend of rich brunette and sun-kissed blonde tones. This versatile and natural look effortlessly adds dimension to your locks, offering a perfect complement to your seasonal wardrobe and activities.
@imtorielyse This hair is absolute summer, brunette goals. BEIGE BROWN on @Nat Braun 🤎 Save this for your next hair date! I’m in loveeeee #imtorielyse #brunettebalayage #redkenshadeseq ♬ original sound - Imtorielyse 🥀
Copper Brown
Embrace the subtlety of Copper Brown, bidding adieu to bold coppers for a more refined approach. This trend radiates warmth and sophistication, infusing your hair with a touch of elegance through its earthy, understated hues.
Golden Blonde
Say farewell to icy platinums and welcome the luminous glow of Golden Blonde. This trend embodies the radiant warmth of a summer sunrise, infusing your locks with vitality and radiance.
Strawberry Beige
Along the same lines of the golden blondes, we are seeing a move towards warm, natural strawberry hair colors. Strawberry Blonde offers a harmonious blend of soft strawberry tones and chic beige undertones. This trend captures the essence of warmth and sophistication, offering an understated yet elegant choice for your summer hair color.
Natural Highlights

Embrace the beauty of natural highlights, bidding farewell to chunky streaks for a softer, more organic look. This trend focuses on seamlessly blending lighter tones into your hair, mimicking the sun-kissed effect of summer days. With natural highlight harmony, your locks will exude effortless radiance and sophistication, perfect for the laid-back vibe of the season.

Summer 2024 Haircut Trends

Summer 2024 is all about embracing face framing, layers, and shedding weight for a fresh, breezy look. Whether you opt for delicate bangs to softly frame your face or indulge in the timeless allure of layered cuts that add movement and dimension, these styles are perfect for beating the summer heat. While the classic bob remains a staple choice for the summer, undercuts emerge as a trendy option for those seeking to shed excess weight from thick, heavy locks without sacrificing length.  This summer, it’s all about finding the perfect haircut to suit your style and beat the summer heat.

Sabrina Carpenter Bangs

Inspired by singer Sabrina Carpenter’s signature style, these bangs offer a contemporary twist on the classic curtain bangs trend. They feature a subtle gradient that starts with the shortest piece just above the bridge of the nose, mirroring the bottom of the eyebrow, and gently lengthens towards the top of the cheekbones on each side. This face-framing cut adds a touch of sophistication to any look, effortlessly blending with various hair textures and lengths. Whether you’re channeling vintage vibes or embracing modern elegance, Sabrina Carpenter bangs offer a versatile and timeless option for Summer 2024.

Wispy See-Through Bangs

For those seeking the allure of bangs without the commitment to heavy layers, wispy see-through bangs offer a breezy alternative. These delicate strands gracefully frame the face, adding a touch of whimsy and softness to any hairstyle. Perfect for summer, wispy see-through bangs provide a fresh, airy look that effortlessly complements various hair lengths and textures.

90s Mid-Length Layered Cut

Channeling the iconic style of the 90s, the layered mid-length cut is making a comeback this summer, reminiscent of beloved figures like Jennifer Aniston and Topanga from Boy Meets World (in her college years).

With its textured layers and effortless vibe, this haircut exudes casual coolness and retro charm. Whether you opt for tousled waves or sleek straight locks, the 90s layered mid-length cut offers endless styling possibilities for a timeless yet on-trend look.



Short, chic, and oh-so-versatile, bobs are a staple haircut for Summer 2024. Whether you prefer a classic blunt cut or a textured, asymmetrical style, bobs offer a bold and confident statement.

Perfect for beating the heat while maintaining a stylish edge, bobs are ideal for those craving a low-maintenance yet fashion-forward look this summer.


Ideal for those with thick hair seeking relief from the summer heat, undercuts offer a stylish solution to lighten the load. This edgy haircut removes weight from the hair and adds a touch of rebellious flair.

Undercuts allow for endless creativity, whether you opt for subtle shaved designs or bold, dramatic styles. Say goodbye to heavy locks and hello to a fresh, liberated look with undercuts this summer.

Rosamund Pike - Undercut Updo at Oscars | 2024 Summer Hair Trends


Summer 2024 Hair Styling Products

It’s time to revamp our haircare routines this summer with products designed to combat the challenges of the season. From minimizing dryness and combating the effects of humidity to protecting against UV damage, our hair styling arsenal is more essential than ever. Embracing the sun-kissed, beachy look is effortless with the help of lightening sprays and wave sprays, offering a touch of summer magic to every hairstyle. With the right products by your side, you can enjoy the warmth of the sun while keeping your locks looking their best all season long.

Hydrating Shampoos & Conditioners
Combat dryness hydrating shampoos and conditioners, formulated to, leaving hair silky smooth and manageable.
Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray
Shield your hair from frizz with this anti-humidity finishing spray. Miami-tested and trusted, it ensures sleek blowouts and perfect curls stay intact even on the sultriest of days and nights.
Oribe Sun Lightening Spray
Brighten blonde hues effortlessly with the Sun Lightening Spray, infusing your locks with sun-kissed highlights for that beachy, summer-ready vibe.
Oribe Maximista Spray
Achieve root volume with Oribe’s Maximista Spray, adding lift and fullness to your hair for a voluminous look that lasts all day.
Oribe Invisible Defense
Protect your hair from the sun’s harmful rays with Oribe’s Invisible Defense Protective Spray, shielding your locks while maintaining a lightweight, invisible feel.
Oribe Après Beach
Embrace the sun and beachy vibes with Oribe’s Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray, effortlessly creating tousled, textured waves for that coveted beach babe look.

At Dupré’s Salon and Day Spa, we’re committed to keeping you at the forefront of summer hair trends while delivering exceptional service and results. Your hair is an investment, and we treat it as such. That’s why we exclusively use the finest products and techniques, meticulously selected and expertly applied by our skilled stylists.

From the latest in summer haircuts to on-trend color techniques, we’re here to enhance the health, beauty, and longevity of your hair. Book an appointment with us today to experience the difference firsthand and unlock your perfect summer look. Your satisfaction and confidence in your hair’s health and beauty are our top priorities at Dupré’s.