Melinda’s CNC Hair Replacement Story: A Life-Changing Journey

Jan 19, 2024 | CNC, Tousle | 0 comments

In the cozy confines of the salon, Jay Dupré, Owner of Tousle by Dupré’s, sat down with Melinda to delve into her transformative journey with the CNC hair replacement system. Burcu, the skilled stylist, had just worked her magic on Melinda’s locks, creating a look that radiated joy and newfound freedom.

The Before and After

Melinda’s life took a remarkable turn after embracing the CNC system. Melinda was bound by the constraints of frontal alopecia, a type of hair loss characterized by a gradual and symmetrical recession of the hairline, particularly affecting the frontal scalp and eyebrows. She expressed her delight at being a “free bird” who could now confidently face the world without the need for concealing hair bands. Her ability to throw her hair up, exercise, swim, and embrace windy days was a testament to the liberation she felt.

The CNC Experience

Describing the CNC as akin to a permanent hairband, Melinda highlighted its ease of use, emphasizing its comfort for sleeping, daily wear, and care. Having experienced the initial application a month ago, she returned for maintenance, a hassle-free process that allowed her carefree weeks ahead, focusing on family, friends, and personal pursuits.

The Freedom to Live

The conversation revealed how Melinda’s past struggles had confined her to her house, calculating ways to conceal her condition for routine outings. The CNC system, however, liberated her, enabling her to be her authentic self. The newfound confidence extended beyond appearances, inspiring Melinda to adopt a healthier lifestyle, increasing her workout routine and calorie burn.

Instead of being concerned with her hair during windy weather, or in the water, Melinda now relishes carefree trips to the beach. The CNC system has afforded her the freedom to revel in life’s simple joys without the weight of past inhibitions.

Melinda expressed that CNC had provided a fresh outlook, motivating her to take better care of herself. The prosthetic wasn’t just a cosmetic enhancement; it symbolized a gateway to self-improvement. Encouraging others with similar conditions, she stressed the importance of being open-minded, conducting research, and taking the steps to explore innovative solutions.

Encouragement for Others

Melinda’s heartfelt advice to those facing similar hair challenges was to consult with Jay and Burcu, urging them to be open-minded about the CNC system. She emphasized the genuine, real-hair look and dispelled concerns about costs, noting the customization based on individual needs. For Melinda, the decision to opt for CNC over a wig was life-altering, offering a permanent solution and carefree lifestyle.

Melinda expressed gratitude to Jay and his exceptional staff, noting their welcoming and comforting environment. As she eagerly embraced her role as a spokesperson for CNC and Tousle by Dupré’s, Virginia Beach Alternative Hair Salon, Melinda left a powerful message for those grappling with hair challenges: there’s hope, there’s a solution, and a brighter, more confident version of oneself awaits.


Melinda’s CNC journey is more than just a cosmetic transformation; it’s a tale of newfound freedom, self-discovery, and the profound impact that innovative solutions can have on one’s life. Her story stands as a testament to the transformative power of the CNC hair replacement system and the dedicated professionals who make such life-changing experiences possible.

Take the first step towards reclaiming your confidence and freedom. If you’re grappling with alopecia or hair loss, explore the transformative possibilities of the CNC Hair Replacement System. Book your consultation today at Tousle, and embark on a journey to rediscover the best version of yourself.