Salon Guest FAQs

Thank you for choosing Dupré’s Salon and Day Spa! We are very happy you have selected our salon and spa for all your beauty and relaxation needs. As a first time guest, there are a few things we would love you to know about us.

How long will my visit be?

Please allow ample time for your visit. Often, you first visit will be a little longer than typical because we will be doing a complimentary consultation prior to beginning your services.

Color Services generally run 1 hr and 30min to 3 hrs. If you are getting highlights, please plan on being with us for 3 hours. Some color services are more involved and will require more time. We will happily provide an estimate of time over the phone but without seeing & assessing your hair it is not possible to guarantee the timing. If time is of concern, we strongly recommend you schedule a complimentary consultation prior to your color appointment. Your time is very valuable and we want you to enjoy your visit with us.

Services in our spa such as a massage or a facial, generally run 1 hr and 15min. This allows time for dressing, consultation with your therapist and the service. The actual service time for most facials or massage is 50 minutes. You may upgrade your massage to a longer service time if you wish. Classic manicures and pedicures take about 45 min but the time may be extended with the addition of extra services such as a French manicure or upgrading to a Sea Spa Service.

What if I am running late?

Traffic happens. Life happens. We understand! We will make every effort possible to keep your appointment should you arrive late. Please call us as soon as you know so if possible, we may begin to move our schedule around. If you are very late, have multiple scheduled services or other guests are booked after your scheduled service we may not be able to accommodate or may have to change your services. We do this to keep our appointments on schedule so other guests are not affected. This may mean shortening a service or rescheduling part of a service to another day. This is a worst case scenario and we will work hard on your behalf to avoid it.

What happens if the Salon or Spa is running late?

While we do our very best to stay on time, there are occasions where we will run late. In our industry, it is very normal for a stylist to run 10 minutes behind although we strive to be on time and are successful 90% of the time. If we foresee ourselves running behind, we will attempt to contact you as soon as possible. Providing us with good contact numbers is a great way to stay in communication. Sometimes we know in advance we will run late. For example, occasionally the client before your will have an excessive amount of hair or may arrive late. We will let you know how late we are & try to provide some options. It is our goal to provide you with excellent service and we will work hard to accommodate you with minimal inconvenience.

How much can I expect to pay?

Our spa service prices are available both online and in our printed menu. Salon services may vary based on your stylist and the services required to complete the requested look. We offer stylists to fit many price ranges. Our master stylists/colorists are our most expensive and their prices are based on their expertise, extensive training and education as well as their time spent in the industry (10+ years). We also offer stylists with mid range prices. These stylists have completed a great deal of education and training and have usually been in the industry for less than 10 years. For a more conservative budget, we would recommend our junior stylists. A junior stylist has been in the industry for 3+ years and has completed our training program and shadowed a master stylist. Below is an example of the price differences.

  • Hair Cut- Master Stylist $60 and up
  • Stylist $45 and up
  • Junior Stylist $40 and up

Our services are rung up a la carte. There will be separate pricing for your color, haircut and any toners/glazes and/or deep conditioning treatments needed to achieve your desired look. We are very happy to provide you with a price quote prior to your service if you ask. We offer complimentary consultations prior to your appointment to discuss your options and prices. We encourage our guests to be upfront with their price concerns and ask questions prior to the service. We want you to love your hair and your experience.

Should I wash my hair before my hair appointment?

Yes. To achieve optimal color results we advise you arrive to the salon with clean, dry hair. The only occasions we would recommend you arrive with ‘day old’ hair is when you are getting a special occasion up-do (clean hair tends to slip out of bobby pins and is generally less workable) or when you are receiving multiple on the scalp bleach services. If you are unsure, please ask your stylist prior to your appointment.

Can I get more than one service preformed in a day?

Yes! We have a full service spa and a talented front desk that would love to coordinate multiple services for you! Great service add ons are facials, massages, manicures, pedicures or wax services. We also offer relaxers, Great Length Extensions, body treatments and spray tanning! Just let us know and we will do our best to create a wonderful experience. If you are planning on spending a few hours with us, please ask about our gourmet lunch menu.

What role do the assistants/apprentices play in the salon?

We operate a training program in conjunction with Norfolk Vocational School. To become an apprentice, one must apply and be accepted. We accept 2-4 applicants a year. It is a 2 year program that prepares the student for cosmetology licensing in the state of Virginia. We also accept already licensed stylists that are seeking additional, hands on training. Each Monday, our salon hosts classes taught by either the Salon Owner, Jay Dupre, or one of our stylist teachers. During the workday, these apprentices work in the salon. They clean, sweep, do laundry and assist the stylists. They do most of our shampooing and a very large amount of our blow-dry and styles. If you are not receiving a haircut with your stylist we recommend you schedule your blow-dry with an apprentice. Their prices are much less and they do an amazing job. It’s a great way to save some money and help a student grow as a stylist. It’s the hands on experience our clients help provide that shapes the education of the next generation.

What is the policy on gratuity?

We are very thankful for your patronage and while tipping (providing gratuity) is standard in the industry, it is not mandatory. If you would like to leave a gratuity for your stylist or therapist you may add it to your credit card charge or check. The industry standard is from 15-20% of the service cost. During your salon visit you may have more than one assistant/apprentice working with your stylist. We will divide the gratuity fairly amongst the technicians’ you have seen based on the value of their service contribution at your request.

What forms of payment do your accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and of course, Cash.

Do you have a pending list?

Yes. Our salon and spa book up very fast and pretty far in advance however, plans change and often appointment times become available. We strongly recommend you provide our front desk with good contact numbers so that they may call you as soon as an opening becomes available. Appointment openings are first come, first served and we will continue to call guests on the list until the appointment has been taken. Providing us with good contact information will greatly help us make sure you get the appointment date and time you desire!

What happens if my stylist is on vacation or sick?

If your regular stylist is not available for your appointment rest assured you do have options. We keep all color formulas on file & will happily recommend a comparable stylist to you. At Duprés, we are a team and will work together to insure our clients always receive a high level of service.